Trade PR is the backbone of a business’ external communications. It helps build awareness and loyalty within important industry media. Motive can help you get in front of the audience that matters.

Trade PR

An important part of a brand’s marketing strategy, trade PR can often be overlooked. It is vital that businesses communicate effectively with their key audiences with authenticity and purpose.

We can provide a range of PR tactics to promote key messages, including industry profile pieces, case studies, round tables, press releases, white papers, broadcast interviews and much more.

Whether established in your sector, or new to the market, Motive’s team can use these PR tactics to expertly position and enhance your business' reputation.

Consumer press has a wide and varied audience, whereas trade press has a specific readership that have an interest in your industry. Running a trade PR campaign allows you to get in front of the decision makers that matter.

We are always excited to tell our client’s unique stories and bring them to life, whether it’s a company milestone, a recruitment drive, or an acquisition or merger, we put you centre stage.

Trade PR

Trade media often have their content planned well in advance. We make sure we are on top of any relevant features that are coming up, to ensure our client’s content is included in the publication.

Our team are experts in developing solid relationships with editors, freelance journalists and publishers, and we have built up a wealth of contacts in trade media. If you have a message that deserves to be heard, we know who to go to.

Which is exactly what we did for Verton, when we handled the UK launch for the breakthrough Verton R series product.

We secured coverage across a wide range of key trade media titles including Safety at Sea, Dry Bulk, Ship Insight, Vertikal, Construction Index, Heavy Lift News, UK Haulier, New Civil Engineer,Project Cargo Global, Maritime Journal, and Construction News. You can read the full case study here.

If you are looking to raise your profile across trade publications please do get in touch with our team today for a chat about how we can help.


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“The team at Motive have helped us with our UK media launch and secured coverage in some key titles which helped us develop some positive sales leads. The Motive team are creative, professional and great to work with at all times and can be trusted to get on with the job.”

Esna Louwrens, Marketing Director, Verton


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