Food & Drink

Raise awareness and reach consumers.

Are you an emerging food and drink brand? Are you already established within the sector and want to reach a wider audience? Or are you launching a new product to market? Here at Motive we will work alongside you to achieve your goals.

Food & Drink

We work with clients in the food and drink sector to raise brand awareness and reach consumers, retailers and potential stockists through targeted media relations.

We use a clever combination of traditional PR, digital PR and social media to ensure you reach the right trade and consumer audiences.

As a PR agency, we have some of the best media contacts within the business – we know which journalists will be interested in your product, who will want to taste test it and which trade writers will help put your brand in front of the major players in the industry.

We work closely with our media contacts and pride ourselves on delivering what they’re looking for and are interested in.

Added to that, we understand what your consumers are reading, listening to and watching. We know how to reach then and get your product and brand in front of them. We’ll even work alongside you to identify new markets to approach and new customers to attract.

Our experience in food and drink PR includes launching exciting products and venues including Eat17's Bacon Jam and their outlets in Hammersmith and Bishop's Stortford. On the product side we worked with Reggae Reggae Sauce icon Levi Roots on his first range of ready meals for MuscleFood.

Food & Drink

We also support clients with Christmas campaigns achieving coverage across national media and we’ve helped new brands get noticed at the very start of their journey.

So, if you’re in the food and drink industry and are looking for support, you’ll be in very safe hands with us. Please contact us today for a chat about how we can help.


WHAT our clients SAY

Kim Melotte, Head of Trading,

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“Motive are instrumental to Musclefood’s success. Their support, creative ideas and knowledge continually blow me away.

“They are an extension of our team and they live and breathe our brand. They are industry experts, who continually over perform. Together, we’ve redefined our industry.

“But, most importantly, they are always there, from idea to execution, the highs and the lows. There is no other pr company I would trust with our brand.”

Kim Melotte, Head of Trading,


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