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Motive is a specialist digital PR and e-commerce agency. Our digital PR campaigns have won many industry awards and deliver real impact for our clients in terms of both search visibility and credibility. We will boost your search rankings and make you easier to find online. We'll also make your brand better known, making it more likely for people to search for you.

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is a form of marketing for online brands which has seen huge growth in recent years.

It can be summarised as marketing activity which results in online media coverage and, crucially, links from high authority media sites into client websites. These links drive traffic and are an important signal of trust and credibility for search engines.
We measure and record everything and every client has a MAP (Motive Action Plan) which tracks our performance against agreed KPIs. This ensures our digital PR campaigns make a real, measurable difference for clients, driving relevant traffic and improving keyword rankings.

Why is Motive’s approach to digital PR different from other marketing agencies?

Our approach is informed by our journalistic background and skill. Motive was founded by a national news journalist and our whole team is skilled in the creation of content which appeals to news media and earns coverage and links.

This means we are able to consistently deliver quality links from some of the most trusted, highest authority sites on the web. We are forensic when it comes to measuring and reporting all activity making it very easy for you to see ROI.

Why Links Matter

If you trade online you need Google to rank your website in its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

The volume and quality of the sites which link to your website is one of the most powerful signals of credibility for search engines. It tells Google that your site matters and is one which people will be searching for.

Therefore consistently adding links from high authority domains every month will build the authority of your own website and lead to improved ranking, better performance in search, more traffic and ultimately business growth.

Digital PR Case Studies

Katie Gawley next to testimonial
We love team Motive, not just because they work so hard, but because nothing is an issue, they tackle every KPI head on and are born ready to react to this fast paced world of PR.
Katie Gawley, Quotezone

New Referring Domains

Consistently adding links is key to every digital PR campaign but links alone are only part of the story. It's also essential to consistently target new referring domains.

The number of quality domains linking to your website is another key indicator to Google that your site is worth ranking.

To maximise your website's potential it's essential to have a high number of quality links coming in from many highly rated domains. The higher the rating of the linking domain the higher the quality of the link offered and the more beneficial it will be.

We seek out highly rated new domains as link targets for our campaigns and only target domains with a rating of 30+ in our digital PR outreach. The vast majority of the links we build come from sites with a rating of 50 and above.
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Increasingly consumer PR campaigns utilise social media influencers to connect with audiences.

Influencers can offer access to key audiences and can be great brand ambassadors. Carefully selecting the right influencers can help a PR campaign to fly. With so many influencers now available, across so many niches, this can also be a very affordable form of marketing.

At Motive we have worked with a wide range of social media influencers across many sectors to help spread client messages. If you’re interested in recruiting influencers to help with your marketing we can help so do get in touch.
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Motive deliver great results.
John Charnock, Founder and CEO, Stress Free Car Rental

The difference between Digital PR and SEO

Building high quality links is an important element of SEO. Indeed many experts now argue it is THE most important ranking factor. But it is just one element of SEO as a whole. SEO is concerned with the whole mix of disciplines which help a website to rank, from the technicalities of coding and website creation through to the optimisation of content on a website.

Digital PR is concerned with the off-site elements of SEO. By pushing high authority sites to link, digital PR allows a website to shine and fulfill its true potential. Without those links it’s easy for search engines to fail to notice how special the site is. Digital PR makes the world fall in love with your website.

Digital PR Site Audit

We are usually able to start adding links within a month of starting a new project. When we engage we complete a digital PR and SEO audit of your site’s health and record all metrics including number of links and referring domains.

These are recorded in your MAP (Motive Action Plan) and tracked as the campaign continues. As we continue working you’ll see the number of links grow and grow. You’ll also see the impact in other ways such as increased domain rating, traffic and higher ranking of keywords.

Link Gap Analysis

As part of our ongoing management of your digital PR we will compare your site’s performance to that of your competitors, identifying the links they have which you lack and closing the gaps. We will also actively identify new referring domains to target, allowing you to pull away from the other players in your sector.

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