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Working with Motive PR has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and proactive approach have made collaboration seamless and enjoyable.
Ryan Akram, MuscleFood.com
We have had the pleasure of working with the Motive team for the past three years at World of Sweets. They continue to drive results for us, they go the extra mile in terms of understanding the business needs, always flex to support and seek additional opportunities. Highly recommend.
Kathryn Hague, World of Sweets
“Motive have delivered on exactly what they promised. Our organic presence has grown massively since we started and we can’t wait to see what’s next.”
Nic Shacklock, Online Bedrooms
“Motive has been key to our growth by consistently delivering national media coverage and links. These guys never run out of ideas and can be trusted to deliver.”
Darren Beale, Years.com
Working with Motive has been exceptional. Their targeted outreach strategies have greatly increased our website's traffic, highlighted by securing follow links from tier 1 domains.
Isaah Reese, Winstons Beds
Motive's services are not only high-quality but also provide remarkable value for money, distinctly outperforming other SEO and PR agencies. They have an acute understanding of our brand, crafting PR campaigns that genuinely engage our audience.

For anyone considering long-term contracts with SEO and PR companies, we strongly urge you to consider Motive PR. Having experienced various disappointing services in the past, Motive has been a refreshing and effective partner, standing out as the only company to meet and exceed our expectations.
You guys do the best press releases. I get sent a lot of rubbish from PR agencies so it’s great to get some good stuff for a change. You truly are a tropical island in a sea of PR shit!
Glenn Rowswell, Editor
“The team at Motive have helped us with our UK media launch and secured coverage in some key titles which helped us develop some positive sales leads.

The Motive team are creative, professional and great to work with at all times and can be trusted to get on with the job.”
Esna Louwrens, Verton
”Motive have also helped me to enhance my own personal profile by helping with award submissions which led to two Entrepreneur of the Year awards for me.

I recommend Motive to anyone seeking serious media coverage and awesome results.”
Charles Walton, GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk
Motive is a great PR agency with real insider knowledge of the media. The team can be trusted to deliver.
Junk Hunters
One of the standout qualities of Motive is their unparalleled support. From the outset, they immersed themselves in our brand, gaining a thorough understanding of our values, goals, and unique selling points.
Ryan Akram, MuscleFood.com
This level of dedication has translated into targeted and impactful campaigns that resonate with our audience.

Working with Motive PR has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and proactive approach have made collaboration seamless and enjoyable.

Communication is key in our industry, and Motive has consistently exceeded our expectations in this regard.  Their team is not only quick to respond but also proactive in anticipating our needs, making our partnership truly collaborative.
“Motive have built thousands of backlinks for us which have made a real difference to our visibility in search. They never run out of ideas.”
Mike Lloyd, Central Contracts
“Motive has a hardworking and enthusiastic team, passionate about their content and innovative ideas - at the cutting edge of digital PR.”
Katie Gawley, Quotezone
Motive’s unwavering commitment, unparalleled support, and innovative approach have been nothing short of a game-changer for our brand. The Motive team has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and a passion for helping us reach new heights.
Ryan Akram, MuscleFood.com
We love team Motive, not just because they work so hard, but because nothing is an issue, they tackle every KPI head on and are born ready to react to this fast paced world of PR.
Katie Gawley, Quotezone
“We were able to rebrand and get back on top of the search results very quickly due to the help from Motive.”
Paul Stewart, MyBaggage
“Motive bring to the table a wealth of knowledge, great ideas and they excel at outreach, they really do feel like they are an extension of our team.”
Steve Barnes, Net Voucher Codes
Motive are incredibly professional, friendly and really get under the skin of their clients. The team manage to conjure images and interviews at the drop of a hat – very useful in the fast-paced world of online publishing. A pleasure to work with.
Rebecca Burn-Callander, Daily Telegraph.
What sets Motive apart is their ability to make complex tasks seem effortless. Their expertise in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of public relations has not only mitigated challenges but has also opened up exciting opportunities for MuscleFood. The proactive nature of their team has been instrumental in keeping us ahead of the curve and ensuring our brand remains relevant and engaging.
Ryan Akram, MuscleFood.com
Thanks to Motive I’m now a national newspaper gardening columnist.
Chris Bonnett, Founder of Gardening Express
“Motive are a hard working reliable team who deliver consistent results. As an online marketer it is key that we engaged a PR agency that understands the online world. Many previous PR agencies I have worked with did well landing print pieces but struggled in getting articles published online. Motive hit the ground running delivering both online and print mentions in the first month of working with them.”
Tim Alcock, Central Contracts
“We couldn’t be happier with the quality of results and links Motive earned for us. Motive’s team of PR experts created compelling stories, and added in the digital know-how to make a significant difference to our organic SEO.

Working with Motive felt like having an extended marketing team that helped us to deliver our digital business objectives.”
Kane Georgiou, TheMoneyPig
FANTASTIC PR COMPANY! Amazing Team with a journalistic background. Got me a World Record and ASTONISHING coverage. Worked with them for years. They are BRILLIANT!
Shed SImove
There are a lot of lazy PR outfits about. I have seldom found one with the work ethic of Motive. When they push a campaign, phones ring everywhere.
Richard Dinan, Pulsar Fusion
“Motive’s support, creative ideas and knowledge continually blow me away.

They are an extension of our team and they live and breathe our brand. There is no other PR company I would use.”
Kim Melotte, MuscleFood.com
“Motive has been key in helping us make some NOISE! With a great team to work with and clear communication, we have enjoyed consistent media coverage with Motive. Their innovative ideas and attention to detail is spot on!”
Mita Varu, Spicentice Ltd
Our journey with Motive PR has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their passion, expertise, and unwavering support have elevated MuscleFood to new heights in the public eye. We are immensely grateful for their contributions to our success and look forward to many more years of collaboration with this exceptional agency.
Ryan Akram, MuscleFood.com
We’ve won the PR lottery! Prince George is wearing our robe and everyone is picking up on it… thanks so much!
Daniel Price, My1stYears

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