AWARD WINNING pr for e-commerce.

At Motive we’ve been specialising in PR for e-commerce for more than a decade, delivering award winning digital PR campaigns that get people talking, clicking and sharing.


Our online PR campaigns have helped launch and grow many ambitious brands through mass market media coverage and high quantities of high-authority backlinks from media sites to boost SEO. When it comes to online media coverage and links we find that quantity and quality really is a winning combination.

We’ve been working in the e-commerce PR space since 2008 and we’re highly skilled at both launching new brands and growing established online retailers and other e-commerce websites.

Combining our journalistic and story-telling skills with a first-class network of contacts in the UK national media our online PR campaigns achieve a very high level of online visibility for our clients along with a high volume of backlinks from trusted news websites and other high authority domains to supercharge SEO.

Our experience in the e-commerce sector includes our award winning campaign to launch healthy online food retailer MuscleFood.com and support its growth to more than £100m in sales.

We've also worked closely with money saving website Net Voucher Codes for many years, helping them consistently double their organic traffic year on year.


Our e-commerce experience extends across many different sectors. In the gardening sector we have used digital PR to grow brands such as BillyOh.com and Gardening Express. In the automotive sector we’ve helped LeaseCar.uk increase their sales leads by 40% and in the travel sector we work with sites including MyBaggage.com and StressFreeCarRental.com.

From food to sheds to deals to cars, if you sell it online our e-commerce PR services can put you in front of millions of potential new customers and power drive your SEO with high authority media backlinks. If you'd like to chat about how we can help your e-commerce site please do get in touch now.


WHAT our clients SAY

Tim Alcock, Head of Online, Central Contracts

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“Motive are a hard working reliable team who deliver consistent results. As an online marketer it is key that we engaged a PR agency that understands the online world. Many previous PR agencies I have worked with did well landing print pieces but struggled in getting articles published online. Motive hit the ground running delivering both online and print mentions in the first month of working with them."

Tim Alcock, Head of Online, Central Contracts


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