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E-commerce marketing experts
Motive PR is an award winning e-commerce specialist PR agency. Our campaigns help on all fronts. We make you more visible in search through Digital PR, we create a buzz for your products through Social Media Marketing, make you stand out as experts with our PR strategies, we help to optimise your website with SEO and we turn it into a magnet for traffic and links through Content Marketing.
Traffic and Links

As a specialist e-commerce agency our campaigns bring both traffic and quality links from trusted media sites. We'll grow your domain authority making you more visible in organic search results with Digital PR and we will also use PR strategies to enhance your reputation, making it more likely for your customers to search for your brand.

We can also transform your website into a magnet for traffic and links through our award winning Content Marketing service and our SEO team can help you to catch up and overtake your competitors in organic search results.

We have specialised in the e-commerce PR space since 2008 and we’re highly skilled at both launching new brands and growing established online retailers and other e-commerce websites.

Motive are a hard working reliable team who deliver consistent results. They hit the ground running delivering both coverage and links in the first month of working with them.
Tim Alcock, Head of Online, Central Contracts
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We work with many online retailers and other e-commerce brands including:

Online Bedrooms
Road Angel


Net Voucher Codes

Gardening Express

Garden Buildings Direct



One Year's Results

Net Voucher Codes

A review of one year's results for Net Voucher Codes - 1820 links won, leading to a 130% increase in organic traffic.

Digital PR, Content Marketing and SEO

Brands selling products and services online can boost their success significantly using digital PR and content marketing.

Digital PR builds quality links into the site through outreached content. This is usually in the form of press releases and images offered to digital publishing platforms in return for a link into a brand's own site.

Content Marketing is a little different. This involves the creation of a landing page on the brand's own site which acts as a magnet for coverage and links. We are skilled at coming up with concepts and designing pages which we then outreach to media sites to encourage backlinks.

Consistently adding quality backlinks from high DA websites has the effect of growing a brand's own site authority and this leads to improved ranking and better performance in organic search.

how we can HELP

Achieve a very high level of online visibility.

From food to sheds to deals to cars, if you sell it online our e-commerce PR services can put you in front of millions of potential new customers and power drive your SEO with high authority media backlinks.

Combining our journalistic and story-telling skills with a first-class network of contacts in the UK national media our online PR campaigns achieve a very high level of online visibility for our clients along with a high volume of backlinks from trusted news websites and other high authority domains to supercharge SEO.

Every client has a Motive Action Plan (MAP) which acts as a road map to success and ensures all our campaigns are aligned to your business’ wider goals, and we detail every bit of activity and measure all outcomes in regular reports so you know exactly how your campaign is going.

Enhance your brand’s reputation and outreach
Help drive traffic to your website
Build quality backlinks to your website
Find out how we can raise your online visibility.
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