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Making your website a magnet for traffic and links.

Motive has an international reputation for award winning content marketing campaigns. In 2023 we were named Content Marketing Agency of the Year at the European Content Marketing Awards, ranking us number one in Europe for devising content campaigns which grab media attention. We are experts at creating content for clients which drives traffic and boosts SEO.

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is a form of marketing which utilises content on a company's website to drive traffic and earn media coverage and quality links. Content can be things like web page copy, images, video, graphics or sound files such as podcasts. 

All these forms of content can be used creatively to make something the media cannot resist. Get it right and the rewards can be huge in terms of brand visibility, media coverage, links and all-round fame.

At the same time creative content is a brilliant way to showcase your expertise and build your brand.

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Let's get creative

The most effective content marketing campaigns are the ones with a really simple yet strong idea at the heart of them.

Our team is highly skilled at coming up with content ideas which earn links and drive traffic to our clients' websites. We use a wide range of content to convey these ideas; words, photos, graphics and video all have a part to play. But for a campaign to fly and bring in huge results the idea behind the campaign has to be sound.

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Creative graphics can really bring your marketing to life.

Motive can help you identify your marketing messages and our team can show you how to turn key marketing messages into compelling graphics to power your marketing to new heights. 

Creative graphics can make all the difference when it comes to earning links into your site and boosting traffic and SEO.

They're also a great way to engage your audience on social, reduce bounce rates and keep visitors on your website for longer sessions - another powerful SEO signal.
Examples of graphic design work by Motive


In the digital age it’s easy to overlook the importance of the written word but sparkling copy never goes out of style.

Motive can help you create website copy, write brochures and other marketing materials, as well as turning your news into media coverage through our PR and digital PR services.

As a team of qualified and experienced journalists we are rarely lost for words and can transform dull website text into vibrant copy which keeps your audience engaged and captivated.
Chris Bonnett next to testimonial
Thousands of links and my very own national newspaper column all thanks to Motive. 
Chris Bonnett, Founder, Gardening Express

Photos & Video

They say a picture speaks louder than a thousand words...

That's certainly true when it comes to content marketing. We'll use a mix of photos, video and sparkling copy to turn your website into a magnet for traffic and links.

It's essential that content includes a mix of images and text if it is to keep your audience engaged and earn links and attract traffic.

We work with a network of professional photographers and videographers and we can also help with everything from product shots, team photos and event photography. 
Woman taking a photo with SLR camera

Highlight your expertise

Creating exciting new content on your website allows us to showcase you as an expert in your field.

This mix of new content for your website allows us to become much more creative when it comes to developing ideas and concepts which can convey your key messages much more effectively than words alone ever could.

We can create brand appropriate content for your site whatever sector of business or commerce you work in and build your reputation as a market leader.

Content Marketing Case Studies

Paul Stewart next to testimonial
We were able to rebrand and get back on top of the search results very quickly with Motive's help.
Paul Stewart, Founder, MyBaggage

Want to try Content Marketing but not sure how to begin?

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