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Motive PR is an award winning fashion PR agency. The fashion sector is fast moving and brands need to stay ahead of the game if they want to grow their market share. Motive can help you compete with the big players by recruiting the right influencers to create a buzz around your products on social, winning media coverage and links to boost traffic and help you rank in search and making your brand better known and more credible.
We can help you to cut through the noise and create a buzz that your competitors will envy.

At Motive we have specialised in fashion e-commerce for more than a decade. During that time we have worked with many online fashion brands, helping them to build their profile and market share through mass market media coverage and SEO link earning with digital PR. Our work has helped our clients stand out from the crowd, driving both organic traffic and sales.

We have also supported clients on social campaigns, working with fashion influencers such as Amber Gill, pictured, to deliver results across all digital platforms.

We’ve won the PR lottery! Prince George is wearing our robe and everyone is picking up on it… thanks so much!
Daniel Price, Co-founder, My1stYears
Our experience in the fashion sector includes our work with Manchester based fast fashion brand Public Desire.

As a young, disruptive, online brand with 1.6m Instagram followers they are a perfect fit for us and through media relations and digital PR we have won mass market media attention along with more than 100 SEO links for them from media such as ITV, The Daily Mail and OK Magazine.

Our experience in the fashion sector goes beyond adult fashion. We have also worked for many years with baby label My 1st Years. Supporting them through extraordinary growth both in the UK and US markets and delivering thousands of items of media coverage and links.


Influencer Shoes

Public Desire

Our influencer campaign for online shoe brand Public Desire won 149 links and five TV spots.

Our approach to fashion PR

A strong PR strategy has never been more critical for fashion businesses. In recent years consumers have become more passionate about social and environmental issues, and fashion brands must navigate industry challenges like never before.

It’s no longer just about selling the latest clothes and shoes; brands need to work harder to maintain their consumers and deliver expectations on the issues within the industry, like sustainability and transparency. 

The global fashion e-commerce market was valued at $668 billion in 2021 and is expected to become a $ 1.2 trillion market by 2025 as people continue to shop online in the post-COVID climate. The market is crowded, and brands must implement strategies to stand out. 

We can help you to navigate a bold and modern approach to digital PR in the fashion industry, which will drive e-commerce sales, increase website traffic and raise brand visibility and awareness.

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Every client has a Motive Action Plan (MAP) which acts as a road map to success and ensures all our campaigns are aligned to your business’ wider goals, and we detail every bit of activity and measure all outcomes in regular reports so you know exactly how your campaign is going.

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