Motive will make you more visible online

If you sell products or services online then you need to be visible in search. The good news is that a Motive campaign will help you to rank for your target keywords in organic results. We will also increase your brand credibility making it more likely for people to search for your brand. 

Free SEO competitor report

Motive is offering free SEO competitor reports. If you would like to see how your business website is performing against your main competitors please do get in touch.

Your free report will show your site's search performance compared to that of your key competitors. Find out which keywords they rank ahead of you for and identify opportunities for you to improve your own rankings.

It will also reveal which pages on your competitor's sites are attracting the most traffic and links.

Whatever the current state of play of your website we can improve your SEO, boost your organic rankings and bring you more traffic. Our SEO strategies bring long lasting benefits - pushing you up the search rankings and helping you to stay at the top. 
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Motive helps brands to shine online

We help with both on-site and off-site SEO. This means we optimise the content on your site and make sure it is positioned to attract traffic and links. We then outreach to media, putting your content in front of them and encouraging them to link to your site. Click here for a summary of our most recent results.

Our digital PR campaigns are closely associated with wider SEO strategies to help our clients increase their online visibility and credibility. 

Get in touch today to find out more about our SEO services.We help with both on-site and off-site SEO. This means we optimise the content on your site and make sure it is positioned to
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SEO Audits 

We begin by looking under the bonnet of your website, identifying what you’re doing right, and what areas could be improved.

Once we have identified strengths and weaknesses in terms of SEO this then informs strategy and KPIs as we go forward. We will also take a look at your competitors and identify opportunities for you to catch-up and overtake them in search results. 

The audit allows us to identify actionable smart goals in terms of both onsite and offsite SEO. These will then be used to complete your MAP (Motive Action Plan) ensuring that all activity is designed to help you grow in search visibility, traffic and sales. 

Creative SEO Agency 

Your clients and customers expect to see strong content on your website.

But most importantly, for your site to be fully optimised in search it needs to attract quality backlinks and the best way of doing this is creating top quality content and then outreaching it. We will come up with creative concepts to help you to rank - and we’re really, really good at this stuff.

You don’t just have to take our word for it. In 2023 we were named European Content Marketing Agency of the Year at the European Content Marketing Awards. This means we were judged to be the best agency in all of Europe by a panel of industry professionals.
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Mike Lloyd next to testimonial
Motive have built thousands of backlinks for us which have made a real difference to our visibility in search. They never run out of ideas. 
Mike Lloyd, MD, Central Contracts

Links, traffic, rankings

We will help you to optimise the content on your website and create new content which will help you to rank for your keywords.

Content can be words, images, video or graphics. We then get to work link building with our Digital PR team handling media outreach to land large quantities of high quality links into your website. These are typically links from media sites with a high domain authority of 50+. All the links we deliver are genuine editorial links. Unlike some other agencies we never pay for any links. All are earned links and you’ll see a mix of follow and no follow offering Google and the other search engines a very organic backlink profile. 

SEO Case Studies

Charles Walton next to testimonial
Motive have been great partners for us. They helped to increase organic traffic by 40%. They have also helped me win two Entrepreneur of the Year awards.
Charles Walton, founder and CEO, Kybotech

How we do it 

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in journalism and storytelling. The content we create is so strong media find it impossible to resist. By providing them with content they can cut, paste and publish online we encourage them to link back to your website. Links from media sites bring long lasting SEO benefits and help you to rank.

Measuring SEO Campaigns 

At Motive we measure and track all our activities. SEO campaigns offer plenty of metrics which can be tracked to measure success. These can include on site content, number of links coming in from quality sites, the number of referring domains and the quantity or organic traffic in terms of both visitors and sessions. Ultimately the goal for every SEO campaign is to improve ranking and grow sales. 

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We will show you how your website's Digital PR and marketing can easily be improved - all absolutely free of charge.
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