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We help you create engaging, relevant, and shareable content.
Content that demands your customer’s attention and increases brand awareness in the right areas.
Content Marketing

Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material such as infographics, blogs, guides, videos and articles. Social media strategy often falls in this realm too.

The purpose is not to directly promote or ‘sell’ your products or services, but rather to provide relevant and useful content to prospects and customers to address and help them solve a wide variety of problems and issues. In doing this, it also helps get your brand name in front of a large number of people.

This way of communicating helps build better relationships between your business and customer base, whilst educating prospects and boosting conversions.

Great content is also more likely to be used by other websites and when they link back to yours, it can help boost traffic to your site and build your link profile.

Content Marketing

how we can help

The best informative, engaging, and shareable content.

We have years of combined experience coming up with ideas that tick all the boxes, for a huge variety of brands covering a number of industries.

Once we’ve worked together to set your mission and goals, establish your KPIs, and ascertain your audience, we’ll decide on appropriate content types and channels before developing a content calendar. We often include our clients in the content ideation process. After content is developed and approved, we’ll distribute it appropriately, before measuring results against your targets.

Every client has a Motive Action Plan (MAP) which acts as a road map to success and ensures all our PR campaigns are aligned to your business’ wider goals, and we detail every bit of activity and measure all outcomes in regular reports so you know exactly how your campaign is going.

Enhance your companies reputation and outreach
Infographics, blogs, guides, videos and articles
Educating prospects and boosting conversions
Find out how we can create engaging, relevant, and shareable content for you.
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Motive have built thousands of backlinks for us which have made a real difference to our visibility in search. They never run out of ideas.
Mike Lloyd, MD, Central Contracts

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