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Our core values of Collaboration, Kindness and Respect make Motive a very special place to work.
Find out more about what these values mean to our team.
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Motive’s Culture 

At Motive we’re proud of our unique agency culture and core values of Collaboration, Kindness and Respect. We believe it’s these three values that make Motive such a different agency environment and a great place to work. Read below to find out more about what each of our values means to our team. 


It may be a cliché but we believe team work really does make the dream work. Motive’s collaborative culture means every member of our team is supported at all times. We are in this together and we work as a team to over deliver on tasks and to make our clients happy. 

Every team member is supported through training and a personal development plan to help them develop their skills as professionals. This is reinforced through regular one to one meetings and through constant mentoring within the team. 

When it comes to client work no one is overloaded and left to sink or swim. The work load is shared across the team and junior members know they can call on support from more experienced colleagues at all times. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute ideas and to share in the glory of our outstanding results. This being Motive, everyone in the team also gets to bask in the limelight of our award wins too. Collaborative teams are happy teams and happy teams do the best work. 

Motive team
Motive team


Take a look across the values statements of many businesses and you’d be hard pressed to find another one with kindness as a core value. In fact we believe kindness has become an underrated, under respected and vastly neglected asset within 21st century business. 

At Motive we believe in treating people kindly in all our interactions. That means treating colleagues with kindness as well as people outside the business such as clients, our friends in the media, other service providers and… well everyone we come into contact with. 

We believe treating people kindly pays off for everyone. It helps to nurture a sense of belonging and is useful in developing our people. It helps our clients to feel valued and appreciated. And it makes us all feel just a little brighter every day. Let’s face it, the world would be a better place if we were all a little kinder to each other.


Having respect for ourselves and each other means we understand that we’re all different but our differences make us stronger as a team. Being mindful of our differences and respecting them also means having each others backs and making sure no one is unduly pressured or has their own particular needs neglected or overlooked. 

We also have respect for our own professionalism and knowledge. We value our services and the expertise across the team gained from many years of experience. 

In our dealings with clients and other service providers we are always mindful to treat them with respect too and to acknowledge them as leaders in their own fields. Mutual respect is the bedrock for great client / agency relationships. 

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21 great reasons to join motive

We've won a bunch of awards

We are awesome at what we do - winning industry leading results for e-commerce clients from a hugely varied range of business sectors.

Our results have been recognised far and wide with European and UK Content Awards in our trophy cabinet alongside PRCA Dare Awards and the Gold Pride Award for Outstanding Small PR Agency of the Year from the CIPR Midlands.

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Motive team

Motive is a great place to work

We are based close to Nottingham city centre in our own ultra-modern office building, right by a tram stop.

Our team first approach means you'll enjoy regular team lunches and nights out as well as generous pay and holiday allowance.

There's also lots of cool stuff like an Apple Macbook, new business bonus scheme, Motive branded merch and an adorable office dog to play with!

If you're looking to join a close-knit, collaborative team where there are no limits on what you can achieve, then we’d love to hear from you: join@motivepr.co.uk

Why I love working at motive

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Motive is flexible in terms of remote working, which makes it possible for me to work from my home in the West Midlands. But even though I work from home most of the time I don’t feel disconnected from the team at all.

Annika Shoker, Account Manager

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I really like that Motive doesn’t look and feel forced in the way some agencies can. At Motive everyone genuinely enjoys working for each other. The culture here is one you can’t fake.

Emma Setchell, Account Manager

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I love being part of such a great team. We all collaborate together to achieve goals and everyone looks out for each other. The range of clients means every day is different and it keeps the work interesting.

Jack Proverbs, Senior Account Executive

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