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The right award can single you out as a leader in your field
With award recognition comes kudos and the respect of industry peers along with other potential benefits such as business growth and investment opportunities.
Award Entries

At Motive we have helped many clients win coveted awards in their area of business.

Award recognition also shines a light on the hard work and achievement of your teams, and will boost staff morale. Award winners can also expect more PR and publicity opportunities, and awards ceremonies allow you to put your business in front of notable players within your industry, sector or region.

At Motive we have a proven track record in writing award winning submissions including helping client MuscleFood to win a wide spread of accolades including a Gold Award from The Grocer and two coveted Grocer New Product Awards (pictured).

A business award nomination, shortlisting or win can do wonders for your organisation’s reputation, acting as a third-party endorsement and overall seal of approval for your company and its products or services.

These accolades can then form integral parts of your sales and marketing plans, helping to build relationships with suppliers, and ensuring customers know your brand is legitimate and one to be trusted.

In the manufacturing sector we assisted Nottinghamshire based Kybotech with several award submissions and helped company founder Charles Walton secure two Entrepreneur of the Year awards. Read about our work with Kybotech here.

Award Entries

how we can help

Win awards in your area of business.

If you need help identifying suitable awards or categories, we have the knowledge and experience to advise where your company and products stand the best chance of success.

Since we started out back in 2008 we’ve written and submitted a wide variety of award entries covering a number of different sectors and regions. We’ll write and edit strong submissions, and keep you in the loop with all notable progress.

Every client has a Motive Action Plan (MAP) which acts as a road map to success and ensures all our PR campaigns are aligned to your business’ wider goals, and we detail every bit of activity and measure all outcomes in regular reports so you know exactly how your campaign is going.

Award nomination, shortlisting or win in your area of business
Helping to build relationships with suppliers
Build a strong and positive media profile
Find out how we can help you win awards in your area of business.
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The team at Motive have been great partners for us. They really understand how to turn our messages into stories that journalists love. They have also helped me to enhance my own personal profile by helping with the award submissions which led to two Entrepreneur of the Year awards for me.
Charles Walton, founder and CEO, Kybotech

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