We’ve helped clients scoop prestigious awards from a number of leading industry bodies, which has allowed them to grow and capture the attention of potential customers.

Award Entries

Award recognition shines a light on the hard work and achievement of your employees, and will boost staff morale.

Award winners can also expect more PR and publicity opportunities, and awards ceremonies allow you to put your business in front of notable players within your industry, sector or region.

A business award nomination, shortlisting or win can do wonders for your organisation’s reputation, acting as a third-party endorsement and overall seal of approval for your company and its products or services.

These accolades can then form integral parts of your sales and marketing plans, helping to build relationships with suppliers, and ensuring customers know your brand is legitimate and one to be trusted.

Award Entries

We’ve written and submitted a variety of award entries over the last ten years, covering a number of different sectors and regions.

If you need help identifying suitable awards or categories, we have the knowledge and experience to advise where your company and products stand the best chance of success.

We’ll write and edit strong submissions, and keep you in the loop with all notable progress.

Motive team members are accredited by the two leading industry bodies – CIPR and PRCA – and we’ve won a clutch of our own awards for our PR work, including the CIPR’s Silver Award for Midlands Outstanding Small PR Consultancy in 2019. So, if you choose to work with us, you know you’re in safe hands.

Last year we broadened our remit for client Kybotech to include award submissions and helped them gain industry recognition in the form of nominations for several business award categories. The company founder even won two Entrepreneur of the Year awards. Read about our work with Kybotech here.

Feel free to reach out and contact us if you want to explore with one of our experts.

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“The team at Motive have been great partners for us. They really understand how to turn our messages into stories that journalists love.

"They’ve won coverage for both our websites across a very wide range of media including many national news websites and they’ve helped us win hundreds of editorial backlinks which have greatly boosted our search results, helping to increase traffic by up to 40%.

“They have also helped me to enhance my own personal profile by helping with the award submissions which led to two Entrepreneur of the Year awards for me. I recommend Motive to anyone seeking serious media coverage and awesome results.”

Charles Walton, founder and CEO, Kybotech


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